Chambers Officers & Board of Directors

chambers officers & board of directors
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Mission Statement

The Hawkins Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping our town grow and prosper. Our monthly meetings help us make plans with the city government, local businesses and the Chamber members to attract new companies to Hawkins while providing support to current businesses.

2022 Officers

  • President: Greg Branson
  • Vice-President: Justina Carlton
  • Secretary: Sandra Endsley
  • Treasurer: Becky Attaway

2022 Board Members:

  • Inez Cedillo
  • Arlene Shaw
  • Clara Kay
  • Gwendolyn Winters
  • Lynn Sanders
  • Sharonda Harguess
  • Adam Ehlert
  • Mary Witherington
  • Tim Williams

To contact any of the Hawkins Area Chamber of Commerce Officers, Directors, Committee Chairs or Members, please call the Chamber Offices at 903.769.4482 or email us at