From the President
From the desk of Gregory Branson

from the preisdent

The Hawkins Area Chamber of Commerce sends a big WELCOME TO HAWKINS, we hope you stop in and enjoy what our small town has to offer.

Although we are a small town, we are rich in history. Our town currently has approximately 1,323 (according to the last census) residents located within the city limits (last census), but we have over 5,000 citizens who live in the 75765 (Hawkins) zip code. Regardless if you live in the city limits or outside the limits, you are a part of Hawkins.

We encourage you to check out our webpage where it discusses how Hawkins came to be. We have much to offer in our small town. We have lakes to fish, swim, camp, kayak and boat, plus more. We have the piney woods that offer much to the outdoor people to view wildlife such as birds, butterflies, deer, rabbits, and all other critters, as well as all the different species of plant life. Plus a relaxing walk in the woods is good for the soul and can be quite relaxing. Our school district and college, Hawkins ISD and Jarvis Christian College (HBCU), are paving the way for the education of our children and young adults. The town’s latest and greatest information is our own Hawkins FFA Students going on national television (NBC) for their efforts in working with Ozarka Water in learning how to be bee keepers as well as harvest the honey (called 4G Honey) from the hives. You can google that information on internet also. How great is that. That just shows what an outstanding school district we have.

Within our town, we are seeing growth. We now have a Small Business Incubator (SBI) located in front of the high school. This SBI has five office spaces currently rented out for small business owners as well as one more available for rent. These office spaces are great for e-commerce or a small business. Those individuals who are concentrating on their doctorate or other form of education, this is an excellent opportunity to rent out space and have a quiet place to study. Contact us for more information. In addition, we are seeing an influx of new businesses renting out some of our empty buildings. We need more entrepreneurs to look at some of our buildings and dream big.

We are the Pancake Capital of Texas. That information can be found on our website also. But, for those business minded folks, note, that we do not currently have a pancake restaurant here in Hawkins, so we are always looking for someone to bring that to our town.

Our Chamber is a non-profit organization. We rely solely on the support and generous donations of our members, citizens and business partnerships. Currently we are not funded for someone to be at the office full-time, but don’t hesitate to call and we can meet you pretty quickly. We encourage our citizens, and businesses to join our chamber and become a member to help us continue to develop our town. We need your voice and we value your input. We welcome those who wish to volunteer at the chamber and our events also, so please stop by. Everyone is welcome.

Our community needs your help. Help us to continue to encourage others to spend a little time in our town, and see what our town can offer you. If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email on how we can better serve you, our citizens, our businesses and our tourists.

In closing, as we look back, we see what we were and we relish that history. As we stand now, in the present, we see what have accomplished, what we are doing, and we thank everyone for all the support we have been given. As we close our eyes for a moment, and let our imagination run, we can see that Hawkins has the potential to become a place for entrepreneurs to start up a business as well as bring new businesses to town; a place for tourists to stop in, grab a bite to eat, explore the nature and lakes and slow down a bit to enjoy the beauty of Hawkins; and a place for residents to come home to, raise their children and live the American Dream. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you for your continued support of our small town. We look forward to meeting you all in the future.